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 Marian Liebowitz Artist Management

Marian Liebowitz Artist Management (MLAM) provides excellent and affordable San Diego-based ensembles in the world music, pop, and jazz genres for touring and outreach worldwide. MLAM also provides consulting services to non-profits, ensembles and individuals. Marian has been managing The Bassett Bros. for as long as they have been playing as a Classical Guitar duo. Be sure to check in with Marian if you’re interested in booking The Bassett Bros. to play a concert!

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Genre: Trans-Classical/ Avant-Pop — catchy instrumental grooves, soaring melodies & multi-level syncopations that draw from rock, jazz, the Yoruba music of Nigeria, Eastern European Klezmer, Surf music, Indonesian gamelan, electronica, hip-hop, vaudeville, European classical and more.

Sounds like: SWARMIUS has the rebellious, freewheeling vibe of artists such as OK Go, Sun Ra, Björk, Radio Head & Gershwin. Since their 2006 debut at Kosovel Hall in Ljubljana, Slovenia, SWARMIUS has won-over audiences and critics around the world. SWARMIUS has an international following that includes Ireland, Germany, Slovenia, Poland, Sweden, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Canada, and the United States.

 The Adams Project & Heartpower Performances

The SDSU Adams’ Project Performers Network is a unique roster of performing artists representing a broad range of cultural traditions and featuring faculty and students of the SDSU College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts.

The SDSU Adams’ Project Performers Network gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the John and Jane Adams Trust, the Joseph Fisch Family Scholarships, the SDSU College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts, and the SDSU School of Dance.

Laviolette Guitars

Len Laviolette is a San Diego based Luthier of fine custom Classical and Jazz Guitars. He has built two instruments for The Bassett Bros. Check out his website to see his work!