• Website and other Updates! 1/2018

    The Bassett Bros. website has finally gotten a big overhaul and update. Here’s what’s new:

    • To keep track of our live performances, head over to the Performance Calendar Section of our website. We’ll list the local performances there to make it easy for folks to follow us, but there is also a Calendar widget at the bottom of the page should you want to look even further ahead for future performances.
    • Video Content: There are more performance videos and Music Theory episodes to watch! Head on over to the Multimedia section for more.
    • Gear Page: For you musicians or techno-savy folks, there’s a gear page to check out! We’ll be updating the specifics of each instrument or piece of gear soon.
    • Home Page: It works again, ’nuff said!

    Ian and I are also beginning work on our first studio recording, so stay tuned to this space for updates on that. If you’re not already doing so, follow us on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Thanks for checking in with us!


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